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Alan Trewhitt (Manager):   07831 337012

Established January 1986.                                                                                                ATSound has been helping customers with their events for over 30 years. When we started Audio and Public Address was everything. These days along with Audio Engineering  ATSound now also provides a long list of Audio Visual, PA and Staging Equipment. 

Our business is split equally between events Indoors and Out and as you might expect a complete list of events requiring technical support would be exhaustive.

In general, our day to day activities cover AV Conferences, Public Meetings, Staging for Conferences & Presentations, Sporting Fixtures, School Sports Days, Family Fun-Days, Rallies & Civic Ceremonies.

We carry a wide range of specialist equipment in stock from Wheel Chair Ramps and Conference Microphone Systems to Electrical Generators, Battery Powered Equipment and Mobile Offices (Commentary Boxes for sporting events).

COVID 19 – 2020

On the 23rd March 2020 the UK Prime Minister announced a complete lockdown across the UK. This stopped the events industry in its tracks. Our business stalled, every event fell away one after another until our diary was empty. As the months pasted by it become clear that we needed to make changes which would see us able to weather the storm no matter how long it was likely to last.

1st Jan 2021 – 35years to the day since we started trading, ATSound started a new chapter. After moving home and office 280miles north to North Yorkshire our hopes are that this move will see us making new friends and working relationships.

ATSound has not completely left London and the South East behind as we have put systems in place which will allow us to help those customers that manage to weather the Covid storm.

We wish all customers, past, present and future all the very best over the coming years.

Alan Trewhitt – Owner/Manager

Event Hire


Event Managers, Producers and Promoters are the life blood of our industry. Whether you’re new to events and trying to organise a fund raising event or a full time event professional, our commitment to supplying you with a professional  service is total.

With 30 years experience in Event and Stage Production, TV and Broadcast, Conference and Crowd Control you’ll find we have a wealth of skills and information available and advice is free, please give us a call.


Price can be the most important consideration when buying services, we understand this,  we will always endeavour to accommodate budgets. Everything we do is date dependent. If you need outdoor equipment on a quiet weekend in February then this will be reflected in a cheaper price. Alternatively if you need conference equipment for the September AGM season or outdoor services on one of the few Saturdays in summer, May, June or July, our costs and charges can be dictated by demand. 

It is always good to give us a call, we will do our best to accommodate.

PA Audio, AV Screens, Video & Staging

We supply technical systems and crew for whatever the event.

  • PA & AV Equipment is available for those wishing to DIY
  • We offer a delivery & set up service, leaving you to look after your day
  • All functions catered for – Celebrations, Commemorations or Funerals
  • Charity Fund Raising Events, Corporate Training, Sales or Promotion Days
  • Sporting Fixtures & School Sports Days
  •  Video Recording & Live Streaming

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Traditional Outdoor PA

DIY Sports Day & Fate DIY Battery Powered System Available

Heavy Duty Speaker Stand
Freestanding 4.5m Wind-up

100Volt Line PA Systems still have their place in today’s market. When cash is in short supply 100Volt Line Systems give by far best value for money. They are often lacking in full range audio quality but they make this up and more in efficiency, power and sound distribution.

ATSound have unrivaled experience when it comes to designing and building bespoke temporary 100Volt line systems for Crowd Control or Basic Announcement Public Address.